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Whether operating loud equipment or wearing a respirator in a toxic environment, workers need to communicate with each other. That’s where CavCom comes in. With an earpiece that houses a microphone and speaker, our Talk Through Your Ears® earsets pick up a user’s voice through the ear canal and transmit it via a two-way radio, all while protecting the wearer from loud noise.

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These ear Sets are designed to be comfortably worn all day long and provide clear radio reception in conjunction with hearing protection (up to NRR32).

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The Hearing Protector that Fits, custom made for your ears! Custom earplugs will drive ongoing costs for conventional hearing protectors down and dramatically increase consistent and reliable hearing protection for any employee.

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Check one:

My situation is:

I need to Protect my hearing, Listen and Talk on my radio in high noise and/or with a respirator
I need to Protect my hearing and Listen to my radio in high noise
I need to Protect my hearing only

Check one:

I currently communicate using:

Headset with boom microphone
Lapel Speaker Mic
Speaker mic w/ ear bud
Throat mic
Radio but no accessory
P.A. system
Not listed here

Check all that apply:

My Safety PPE requirements are:

Double Hearing Protection is required
Respirator (SCBA; ½ Mask; PAPR)
Intrinsically Safe radios / accessories
Level A HazMat
Level B/C HazMat
Blasting suit
Fall protection
No specific requirements

Check One:

Hearing protection type:

EarzON(R) Acrylic Custom Hearing Protector
CHPD Acrylic
EarzON(R) Silicone Custom Hearing Protector
EarzON Silicone 2017

Check all that apply:

My radio needs are:

I have a two-way radio
I need a two-way radio
I have a lapel speaker mic
I need a lapel speaker mic

Check one:

Custom fitted earsets vs. universal earsets:

I need a custom fitted earset
earset customearset custom rg
I need a low profile universal earset
earset omniearset omni rg
I need a standard universal earset
earset quadearset quad rg

Check one:

How I will carry my electronics:

I prefer a secure Radio Chest Harness for my electronics
carry harness
I prefer an over-the-shoulder Radio Sling for my electronics
carry sling
I prefer a belt set for my CavCom electronics and radio
carry belt
I prefer a belt pouch for my CavCom electronics
carry clip
I have my own carrying setup

Your CavCom System

These products make up your CavCom System:

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News & Articles

CavCom QUIZ - Hearing Abilities of Animals

Jun. 20, 2016

Dog_with_one_ear_up_Fotosearch_k12090055QUESTION: Which species can hear high frequency (pitch) sounds the best?

A. Human
B. Dog
C. Cat
D. Bullfrog
E. Red-ear Turtle




We really don't want to start a smack-down between pet owners, so let's just say both B. and C. are respectable answers.
The dynamic range for human hearing is commonly believed to be between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, although there is a great deal of variation across individuals. Important day to day sounds such as human speech are in the range of 250 to 6000 Hz. Typically our ability to hear extremely high pitch sounds, such as bells, whistles and certain speech sounds (t, k, s, etc.), diminishes with age and any harmful effects of noise exposure, injury, illness, and so on.

It's not an easy task to test an animal's hearing, but a number of research studies have supplied quantitative glimpses into the hearing abilities of other species. Most reptiles and amphibians appear to be fairly insensitive to sound or are tuned to sounds of a lower frequency range (approximately 100 to 3000 Hz for the bullfrog, for example). In contrast, many of our furry friends such as cats and dogs surpass humans with the ability to detect extremely high pitch sounds (estimates: up to 40,000 Hz for dogs and 50-60,000 Hz for cats). Yes, that dog whistle really works!

And at CavCom, we are passionate about preserving hearing. Be sure to use well-fitting hearing protection whenever you and your loved ones are exposed to loud noise.Charlie02_courtesy_of_Mutt_Muffs_062016









(photos courtesy of Mutt Muffs)