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Whether operating loud equipment or wearing a respirator in a toxic environment, workers need to communicate with each other. That’s where CavCom comes in. With an earpiece that houses a microphone and speaker, our Talk Through Your Ears® earsets pick up a user’s voice through the ear canal and transmit it via a two-way radio, all while protecting the wearer from loud noise.

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These ear Sets are designed to be comfortably worn all day long and provide clear radio reception in conjunction with hearing protection (up to NRR32).

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The Hearing Protector that Fits, custom made for your ears! Custom earplugs will drive ongoing costs for conventional hearing protectors down and dramatically increase consistent and reliable hearing protection for any employee.

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Check one:

My situation is:

I need to Protect my hearing, Listen and Talk on my radio in high noise and/or with a respirator
I need to Protect my hearing and Listen to my radio in high noise
I need to Protect my hearing only

Check one:

I currently communicate using:

Headset with boom microphone
Lapel Speaker Mic
Speaker mic w/ ear bud
Throat mic
Radio but no accessory
P.A. system
Not listed here

Check all that apply:

My Safety PPE requirements are:

Double Hearing Protection is required
Respirator (SCBA; ½ Mask; PAPR)
Intrinsically Safe radios / accessories
Level A HazMat
Level B/C HazMat
Blasting suit
Fall protection
No specific requirements

Check One:

Hearing protection type:

EarzON(R) Acrylic Custom Hearing Protector
CHPD Acrylic
EarzON(R) Silicone Custom Hearing Protector
Prod1 2014 68

Check all that apply:

My radio needs are:

I have a two-way radio
I need a two-way radio
I have a lapel speaker mic
I need a lapel speaker mic

Check one:

Custom fitted earsets vs. universal earsets:

I need a custom fitted earset
earset customearset custom rg
I need a low profile universal earset
earset omniearset omni rg
I need a standard universal earset
earset quadearset quad rg

Check one:

How I will carry my electronics:

I prefer a secure Radio Chest Harness for my electronics
carry harness
I prefer an over-the-shoulder Radio Sling for my electronics
carry sling
I prefer a belt set for my CavCom electronics and radio
carry belt
I prefer a belt pouch for my CavCom electronics
carry clip
I have my own carrying setup

Your CavCom System

These products make up your CavCom System:

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News & Articles

Single-ear Hearing Loss: a Red Flag

Jul. 18, 2017

Worker_cant_hear_cropped_Fotosearch_k10452212Recently CavCom has received questions from customers who are concerned about a significant hearing loss or standard threshold shift (STS) observed in only one ear. Is this common with occupational noise exposures? The answer is, well, not really. Single-ear hearing issues could be a warning sign.

First, let's be clear - no hearing loss is a good one. That said, a significant change in hearing in one ear (much more so in one ear than the other) is unusual. A high number of single-ear shifts in hearing among your workers is   […]   Read More »

Fighting Wildfires - and Noise

Jul. 17, 2017

USFWS_wildfire_fighters_fws.govAs wildfires rage throughout the west this summer, it's timely to pause and consider one of the often overlooked hazards of this high-risk occupation – noise. Wildland fire fighters may work 12 to 16 hour shifts for up to 14 consecutive days. And although noise exposures and hearing loss have been well-documented for structural fire fighters, wildland exposures have only recently come to light.

Wildland fire-fighters encounter numerous well-known noise sources such as chainsaws, leaf blowers, wood chippers, pumps, bulldozers and airplanes. The United States Forest Service, in partnership with the   […]   Read More »

Swimmer’s Ear

Jul. 17, 2017

swimmers_ear_cdc.govSummer is the time of year for enjoying the wonderful outdoors, including frequent visits to the pool or nearest beach. Most of us have experienced "swimmer's ear", but what exactly is this painful condition and how do we prevent it from spoiling our summer fun?

Acute otitis externa (AOE) is the technical name for an infection or inflammation of the lining of the ear canal. The condition gets the name "swimmer's ear" because it is more likely to occur among swimmers or surfers, especially in warm, humid climates.   […]   Read More »

Young Workers = Higher Risk

Jul. 17, 2017

teen_at_worksite_cropped_Fotosearch_k0735823For many students, summer break is spent earning money for college, a car, and other personal items. But teens and parents beware, job-related injury rates are high for young workers. Limited job experience and training can put young people at increased risk.

Teen workers have higher rates of work-related injuries than their older, more experienced counterparts. Young people often work on a part-time or temporary basis, and may not receive adequate safety training and oversight. Some experts point out that middle and high school workers also may not have the physical   […]   Read More »