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Whether operating loud equipment or wearing a respirator in a toxic environment, workers need to communicate with each other. That’s where CavCom comes in. With an earpiece that houses a microphone and speaker, our Talk Through Your Ears® earsets pick up a user’s voice through the ear canal and transmit it via a two-way radio, all while protecting the wearer from loud noise.

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These ear Sets are designed to be comfortably worn all day long and provide clear radio reception in conjunction with hearing protection (up to NRR32).

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The Hearing Protector that Fits, custom made for your ears! Custom earplugs will drive ongoing costs for conventional hearing protectors down and dramatically increase consistent and reliable hearing protection for any employee.

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Check one:

My situation is:

I need to Protect my hearing, Listen and Talk on my radio in high noise and/or with a respirator
I need to Protect my hearing and Listen to my radio in high noise
I need to Protect my hearing only

Check one:

I currently communicate using:

Headset with boom microphone
Lapel Speaker Mic
Speaker mic w/ ear bud
Throat mic
Radio but no accessory
P.A. system
Not listed here

Check all that apply:

My Safety PPE requirements are:

Double Hearing Protection is required
Respirator (SCBA; ½ Mask; PAPR)
Intrinsically Safe radios / accessories
Level A HazMat
Level B/C HazMat
Blasting suit
Fall protection
No specific requirements

Check One:

Hearing protection type:

EarzON(R) Acrylic Custom Hearing Protector
CHPD Acrylic
EarzON(R) Silicone Custom Hearing Protector
EarzON Silicone 2017

Check all that apply:

My radio needs are:

I have a two-way radio
I need a two-way radio
I have a lapel speaker mic
I need a lapel speaker mic

Check one:

Custom fitted earsets vs. universal earsets:

I need a custom fitted earset
earset customearset custom rg
I need a low profile universal earset
earset omniearset omni rg
I need a standard universal earset
earset quadearset quad rg

Check one:

How I will carry my electronics:

I prefer a secure Radio Chest Harness for my electronics
carry harness
I prefer an over-the-shoulder Radio Sling for my electronics
carry sling
I prefer a belt set for my CavCom electronics and radio
carry belt
I prefer a belt pouch for my CavCom electronics
carry clip
I have my own carrying setup

Your CavCom System

These products make up your CavCom System:

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Our products have made the workplace safer and more comfortable for workers in many industries.  Check out some of the feedback we've received.  If you use our products, we'd love to hear your story - click here to share it with us!

CavCom's technology deserves a lot of attention.

As we deal with threats of terrorism, chemical exposures and other hazards, PPE and full containment will become more commonplace. The technology around communications systems is going to be more critical. Responders will need to use more effective devices for communications during these events, and that is why I think CavCom's technology deserves a lot of attention.

John Henshaw, former Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA

I recommend CavCom nationwide any time because the quality is phenomenal.

We always try to use the best of every product that we can find in our business. We feel that it has a positive effect on the way that our clients perceive our business. When we began our relationship with CAVCOM 10 years ago, its radio systems were 10 times better than anything on the market then, and still are. The people at CavCom are very personable, professional and responsive. I recommend CavCom nationwide any time because the quality is phenomenal.

Kent Harmon, Industrial Consultants

A real success.

It's been a real success.  The hearing protection is superior to anything we've ever had, and our technicians don't have to yell into microphones in front of their faces anymore. Everybody is telling me, 'Holy cow. I'm hearing things I've never heard before in the plant!'"

Scott, oil & gas pipeline industry, Valdez, AK

You guys have it!

Been using our hearing protection for 8 to 12 hours a day. You guys have it! Works great, we have good clear communications, damps the noise to a bearable level. Previously a few hours in the engine room with what we had for hearing protection would trigger a good headache from the noise. Not anymore. We were coming out of the engine room to communicate, wave flashlights at each other or pass notes. Don't have to do that anymore.

Great job folks!

G., gas fire power plant, NC

Exceptional service.

I just wanted to thank your company for your exceptional service. I always appreciate dealing with a professional and prompt customer service team. Any future needs, I will be sure to consult your company.

M., industrial & construction supplier, OH

Helping firefighters understand the importance of protecting their hearing

I had an opportunity to use your product while exhaust fans were running inside a structure during overhaul.  I was able to communicate effectively inside the structure and understand radio traffic while the fans were running. I have shown your product to all of my guys and all of the new firefighters. Hopefully them seeing me wearing hearing protection when leaving on runs will help.

John, Fire Captain/Paramedic, LA

By far the best money I've ever spent on personal safety equipment!

CavCom patiently worked around my busy international schedule to provide a local fitting, and quickly provide a finished EarzON custom earplug product that fits perfectly. I am amazed at the level of sound protection and also the comfort of the ear pieces, allowing for all-day wear without the discomfort and irritation of disposable ear plugs. I work offshore on an oil drilling platform where machinery is running constantly. High level noises are blocked very effectively, yet in low level noise areas I am able to have a conversation without removing the ear pieces. By far the best money I've ever spent on personal safety equipment!


Ed, offshore oil rig, TX

Customer service second to none.

The customer service that I get from CavCom is second to none. I think the product is exceptional in both quality and in hearing protection. I love that it takes no extra effort to put the customs in properly, and I know that my team is always properly protected; with a quick glance I can verify that they are properly using their hearing protection. As for the CavCom talk through your ears system, I can't say enough about it; some of the environments we are exposed to reach in excess of 110 decibels and we can still communicate with ease. It is always clear, never any background noise, and you can speak effortlessly as if in a quiet room. Trying to talk in all that noise with a speaker mic or headset would mean we have to shout over the radio to be heard, and at the end of the day you go hoarse. With the CavCom System, that is never an issue.


Johnny, corrugated box plant, WA

CavCom has dramatically enhanced our ability to communicate with each other.

Our HazMat team demands the best technology and tools available to ensure the safety of our responders and protection of our company assets. CavCom has dramatically enhanced our ability to communicate with each other in any emergency situation.

Shawn, refrigerated storage distribution warehouse, IL

We would truly suffer without CavCom.

CavCom has enabled my crew to operate one of the fastest running Corrugators in the world - instantaneous communication is key to our success, and my guys demand it. Safety, quality and efficiency allow us to keep a competitive edge in an industry where performance is paramount, and we would truly suffer without CavCom.

Tim, corrugated box plant, NC

Best of the best.

The products CavCom offers are the best of the best. We have the RadioGear system that is used in a high noise environment. The operators love the system as they can finally hear what is going on around them. We have all been amazed at how easy the system is to use, as well as the level of protection it gives us from the noise. This product is great and well worth the money. I would recommend this to anyone who has a problem with high noises and lacking communication via radio systems.

What sets CavCom apart has been the customer service. When we have had issues, they are resolved very quickly. The company has gone out of their way to ensure we are happy with the product!

Kyle, insulation manufacturer, OH

The sales experience and service was excellent.

Due to having some difficulty clearly hearing signals passed from the conductor to me, as the locomotive engineer on a short line railroad, I looked to CavCom for a solution. After talking with you about some possible products that you thought might help me, you invited me to your main office in Walker the next day. Upon arriving at your office, you graciously showed me the products that would help me.  The Radio Gear that I ordered arrived today and is a week ahead of schedule.

The sales experience and service was excellent. Thanks for the help.

Lynton, short line railroad, MN

Working with CavCom is a pleasure.

Thank you so much. I appreciate all your help. Working with CavCom is a pleasure. Your company has amazing customer service!!! It is amazing working with such a great company.

Travis, corrugated box plant, CA

Radios and earpieces help team communicate easily in a very loud area.

Your radios and earpieces help our team communicate easily in a very loud area, but at the same time keep us comfortable. And if I ever have problems, CavCom is very quick and helpful. I would highly recommend you to anyone!


Pat, corrugated box plant, MN

"I could sell CavCom products, and I am not a salesman!"

As an electrician in a steel mill I tried a few products and finally discovered CavCom; the technology is outstanding and allows me to communicate clearly even when wearing a half-mask respirator in high noise. I know that if everyone would give CavCom a chance they would be amazed. I could sell CavCom products, and I am not a salesman!

Sam, steel mill electrician, OH

The best thing we can offer our personnel.

In my twenty years of working in a box plant, I think your product is the best thing we can offer our personnel. The performance of the CavCom system far exceeds anything else I have tried. The employees love it and do not want to use anything else. Your customer service is top of the line. You are always willing to go the extra mile to help us out.

David, corrugated box plant, MO