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The Right Equipment And Expertise

Two-Way Radio and Hands-Free Communication Solutions 

If tolerating unclear communications and dead zones has been your reality, it’s time to upgrade to CavCom. As specialists in industrial communication, CavCom understands the unique challenges of plant communication and how to solve them. Our expertise is the key to right-fit solutions. Don’t be oversold or underserved. Choose CavCom to accurately equip your plant for clear, safe communication.


Risk-Reducing Communication Solutions

In addition to general two-way communication, clearly and quickly communicating evacuations, alerts and warnings is critical for worker and pedestrian safety. To mitigate risk and improve operations, CavCom’s trained field technicians can conduct a thorough needs assessment of your plant and prescribe communication solutions tailored to your environment.

Seee How Your Business Stands to Benefit CALCULATE YOUR ROI


Get The Digital Advantage With CavCom

CavCom can assist with upgrading your radio operations to digital technology. Immediately you’ll experience: extended radio battery life by up to 25%, increased signal strength which can solve many communication gaps, and improved noise-cancelling features - especially useful in high noise environments. Additional features of digital radios include: GPS, Text Messaging, Channel Expansion, All-Call and Private Calling. Ready to go digital? CavCom can help.

Optimize Your Communications With CavCom

Navigating FCC licensing, programming and choosing the right radios for your team can be overwhelming. CavCom’s expert staff helps keep you up-to-date with FCC licensing whether you’re adding channels, talk groups or moving to a digital platform. We also help you select the right programming and feature settings on radios to optimize your team's comms for improved productivity and efficiency.



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