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Rugged & Comfortable With Ultimate Clarity

Classic™  Communication Headset Technology

Ideal for high noise environments where communicating clearly is critical. CavCom’s Classic™ heavy duty communication headset offers superior hearing protection with comfortable gel ear seals and clear voice transmission from a top-of-the-line noise-cancelling boom microphone. Push-to-talk button on earcup provides easy access. Low-profile headband is hard-hat compatible. Bluetooth option for cell phones.


Superior Voice Quality

Noise-cancelling mic provides clear voice transmissions, even in extreme noise



Robust design for daily use in any environment


Immediate Availability

Most orders and repairs are filled within days of receipt - NOT WEEKS!

Our Lightweight Headset Outperforms The Others

Phantom™ Headset Technology

CavCom’s Phantom™ headset design combines the superior hearing protection of RadioGear® with the clarity and convenience of a noise-cancelling boom microphone. Compatible with most two-way radio models, hard-hat friendly and versatile with options for all noise levels, Phantom™ headsets allow you to communicate comfortably and clearly. 


Superior Voice Quality

Noise-cancelling mic provides clear voice transmissions, even in extreme noise



Ultimate communication accessory for high noise without the weight and bulk, less than 6 oz


Multiple Earset Options

Available in custom and universal earset styles to fit any ear

Stay Protected and Connected

RadioGear® earsets are available with CavCom specially designed acoustic filters. CavCom combined our high-fidelity filter technology with RadioGear® radio monitoring earsets allowing users to tailor their hearing protection to their workplace. CavCom‘s acoustic filters are designed to reduce the volume (the background noise) while maintaining critical sounds (speech and warning signals), allowing workers with hearing critical jobs to maintain efficiency. Workers can monitor their radio, hear speech and critical sounds around them, and still maintain the proper level of hearing protection for their environment.


We can help you find the right solution for your environment. Applications for this product include:

High Noise Communication
General Plant Communication
Moderate Noise Environments

Learn more about CavCom‘s communication and hearing protection solutions

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