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Filtered Hearing Protection

Filtered Earsets and Earplugs

High-Fidelity Filters

Filtered Hearing Protection

Tailored Hearing Protection with Acoustic Filters

Custom and Universal hearing protection can also incorporate acoustic filters. CavCom‘s specially designed acoustic filters reduce sounds evenly across a wide frequency range. The filters allow you to turn down the volume (noise) without sacrificing listening quality (the sounds you want to hear – warning signals, speech, etc.). Now you can tailor your hearing protection to your workforce and your workplace.


Customized Hearing Protection 

CavCom‘s filtered earplugs and earsets provide high-fidelity listening for speech and other important sounds in your workplace. Our specially-designed acoustic filters reduce sounds evenly across a wide frequency range. Sounds become clearer, less distorted and more natural by reducing the "bass" and "treble"evenly. 


Hearing is Believing - High Fidelity

CavCom‘s HiFi filters feature technology that was designed to avoid distortion and maintain natural hearing. Speech and other important sounds in your workplace are clearer and easier to understand. Watch the video to learn more.

We can help you find the right solution for your environment. Applications for this product include:

Hearing Protection
General Plant Communication
Moderate Noise Environments

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