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Industry-Leading Communication Technology

Two-Way Radios, Communication Earsets and Hearing Protection

CavCom develops innovative technology to meet our customers' biggest challenges. From in-ear microphones to high-tech hearing protection and more, our industry-leading products and solutions allow workers to communicate clearly and effectively, helping to reduce accidents, errors and downtime.


Safety & Clarity Without Compromise

Working in high noise compromises productivity, performance and worker safety. Many companies struggle to balance hearing protection with clear communication, leaving workers unsafe or unable to function. With CavCom, there's no need to compromise. Our high noise communication solutions keep teams protected and communicating, even in the loudest environments.

Seee How Your Business Stands to Benefit CALCULATE YOUR ROI

How Does CavCom Affect Productivity?


Comfort Boosts Compliance

In high noise environments, hearing protection is a necessity. But it doesn’t have to be a hassle. CavCom knows when hearing protection products are comfortable and aid communication, employee compliance soars. Comfort is a big factor in protecting your workers and boosting performance, that’s why comfort and durability are engineered into every CavCom product.

Any Radio. Any PPE. Any Respirator.

We make it easy to upgrade to CavCom. Our products and accessories are specially designed to work with any two-way radio and work independently of PPE and respirators. Whether you’re upgrading PPE or radio systems, your CavCom equipment plays well with others.



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