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Hands-Free Communication System

Full Duplex Control Units and Accessories 

TeamTalk™ is a hands-free, full-duplex solution to help crews and teams overcome the challenges of communicating continuously in environments where noise, distance, and task complexity can affect safety and productivity. When the job is on the line and the safety of the crew is critical, TeamTalk™ provides clear, dependable communication to everyone to ensure the highest levels of safety, productivity, and job satisfaction. 

Communicate Safer & More Efficiently

For too long, crews have been limited to one-way conversations using two-way radios. Push-to-talk products hinder a team's ability to keep their hands working on the task, which slows the pace of work and creates potential safety hazards. With TeamTalk™, instead of pressing buttons, teams experience hands-free, simultaneous conversations enabling them to coordinate and execute their tasks safer and more efficiently.


Flexibility in Communication

TeamTalk™ is a new, scalable solution built to work on any job and can be customized to fit the needs of each team size and environment. With TeamTealk™, deploy a system of 9 units with accessories on today's project, and then tomorrow split those 9 into separate systems for use on different jobs.

Field Proven Accessories

CavCom offers a variety of accessories to meet the needs of any environment and budget. TeamTalk™ can be paired with:

  • Talk Through Your Ears® (available in universal or custom fitted earsets) 
  • Classic™ Heavy Duty Headset (earmuff style headset)
  • Phantom™ Lightweight Headset (available with universal earsets)
  • EZBoom™ Flip-to-Mute Single- or Dual-Ear Headset (low noise applications)

Learn more about CavCom‘s Hands-Free Communication System and Accessories


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