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Keep Your Workers Safe And Productive

Hearing Protection Solutions

Whether working in high or moderate noise, CavCom is your best choice for hearing protection. Our expertise and excellent service ensures the right solution for your environment. From long-lasting custom earplugs and custom earsets with two-way radio monitoring to filtered earplugs, earmuffs and disposable earplugs.

Individual Attention Promotes Success

Inconsistent fit and use of hearing protection puts workers at risk of hearing loss. By offering custom fit options and on-site training and individual fit testing for your workers, CavCom helps you take the guesswork out of providing hearing protection for your workforce.



Performance Is In The Details

As experts in hearing protection, CavCom designs our products with the utmost care. Our hearing protection products are engineered for all-day wear because we know comfort drives compliance. Our USA-made custom products not only deliver superior fit, they eliminate the waste and cost of foam earplugs. And when product contamination is a concern, choose from CavCom’s corded and metal-detectable options.


Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

EarzON® provides a variety of effective protection options for the food industry and other manufacturing operations needing tight protocols for product contamination. Noise reduction values can be tailored to the noise levels in your work environment


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