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Mission-Critical Clarity

Equip Your Team with Talk Through Your Ears®

When the clock is ticking, emergency response teams need every advantage. That’s why responders around the country rely on CavCom. Whether working from a command position or responding to an incident in full Level-A, our two-way communication solutions deliver the clarity, durability and reliability extreme situations demand.

Talk Through Your Ears® 

CavCom’s Talk Through Your Ears® technology revolutionized in-suit communication. Our uniquely engineered earpieces combine an in-ear microphone with speakers for seamless voice communication when lives depend on it most. Provides both push-to-talk functionality with a heavy-duty control unit that offers rugged and reliable performance even under harsh conditions.



Comfort With A Secure Fit

When responding to an incident, you can’t risk any distractions, and that includes ill-fitting earpieces. Designed for all-day comfort and a secure fit, our Talk Through Your Ears® earpieces remain in place even during rigorous physical activity. Choose from three unique styles of earsets, made in USA: Custom Fit Acrylic, Custom Fit Silicone, and Universal Fit Low-Profile.

HazMat Hands-Free Communication Paired with Talk Through Your Ears®

TeamTalk™ is a revolutionary new technology that is transforming the way HazMat teams communicate down range. TeamTalk™ gives an entire entry team the power to communicate live, hands-free, in conference-style, WITHOUT transmitting over the portable radios. When communication to/from command via the portable radio is critical, the RadioLink™ PTT provides that vital link.


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