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Intrinsically Safe Communication

Protect workers in hazardous locations.

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Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Communication

Class 1 Division 1 from CavCom

Clear, consistent two-way communication is critical for safety and productivity in dangerous environments and extreme conditions. CavCom’s intrinsically safe radios and radio accessories help protect workers from risk of explosion with products rated Class 1 Div 1, the highest rating available for combustible liquids and gases.

Intrinsically Safe Hearing Protection

When hazardous locations are also high noise environments, CavCom’s intrinsically safe RadioGear® earsets are the perfect choice. Durable, high quality speakers embedded into each earpiece allow workers to clearly hear radio transmissions while experiencing high NRR hearing protection.



Designed For Any PPE

CavCom’s intrinsically safe control units, radios, lapel mics and RadioGear® are all designed to be worn with any PPE. Regardless of PPE required, CavCom’s intrinsically safe products ensure workers can safely navigate any environment.

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