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Customized Hearing Protection with Acoustic Filters

CavCom’s high-fidelity acoustic filters feature patented technology that is designed to avoid distortion and maintain natural hearing. Speech and other important sounds in your workplace are clearer and easier to understand. CavCom’s hearing protectors with acoustic filters allow you to turn down the volume (the background noise) without sacrificing listening quality (the sounds you want to hear - warning signals, speech, etc.).

Benefits of Filters:

  • Improve safety and efficiency by tailoring hearing protection to the job
  • Accommodate workers with hearing loss or those performing hearing-critical jobs
  • Avoid "overprotection" for workers in intermittent noise or moderate noise
  • Improve comfort by reducing the occlusion effect with an open air passage to the ear
  • Improve face-to-face communication with acoustic filters tuned for speech

Improve Worker Communication and Efficiency

Workers may be tempted to remove their hearing protection because they are struggling to hear face-to-face communication and/or warning signals. CavCom’s HiFi and Lite earplugs and earsets enhance sound quality and speech communication by preserving important sounds in the environment, while still reducing loud background noise. Help your workers do their jobs safely and efficiently by providing the right amount of protection for the noise environment.

CavCom’s Toggle-Lite filter can accommodate workers who are in and out of noise frequently or who experience intermittent noise exposures during the workday. Perfect for maintenance departments and supervisors.

Tailored Protection

Choose the hearing protector and the amount of protection that’s right for your workforce. CavCom’s acoustic filters are available with a variety of products including EarzON® custom fitted and TruEarz™ universal earplugs. Tailored communication products include RadioGear® radio monitoring earsets, CellEarz™, and our Phantom™ lightweight headset.


Learn more about CavCom‘s products that incorporate acoustic filters


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