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Deliver The Message With Clarity And Confidence

Give visitors a great experience during plant tours and employee training with CavCom’s tour solutions. Choose from two-way radio or hands-free communication systems to pair with a range of headset and earset options. Tour guides will appreciate the lightweight comfort and hearing protection of CavCom tour accessories, no shouting required.


The Complete TeamTalk™ System:

  • Choose from Classic™ heavy-duty headset, Phantom™ lightweight headset or EZBoom™ Headset
  • Hands-free communication
  • Up to 9 live users
  • Unlimited push-to-talk or listen-only users
  • Hearing protection: NRR options up to 32
  • FCC license free communication

Employee Training Communication System

TeamTalk™ helps trainers and new employees overcome the challenges of communicating in the most extreme environments where high noise and PPE, such as respirators, can affect safety and training.

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Two-Way Radios
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