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Safer, Smarter Respirator & Gas Mask Communication

CavCom Leads the Way

Gas masks or respirators protect workers from harmful gases, vapors, dusts and particulates. But when a worker’s mouth is obstructed by a mask, verbal communication is difficult if not impossible. For safer, smarter communication choose CavCom’s Talk Through Your Ears® technology. Our uniquely engineered earpieces combine an in-ear microphone and speakers for seamless voice communication with any respirator or gas mask, even in the presence of high noise.


Essential For Confined Space

Working in confined space presents a host of safety challenges, restricted communication should not be one of them. With CavCom’s respirator communication solutions, banging on pipes or other non-verbal methods are replaced by clear voice communications. We keep your workers protected and connected for increased safety and efficiency while working in confined space.


The Better Choice For Gas Mask Use In High Noise

High noise can pose significant challenges to communicating clearly, especially while using a protective mask. With superior hearing protection products and our revolutionary Talk Through Your Ears® technology, CavCom allows workers to hear and talk with clarity, while protecting their hearing from harmful effects of high noise.


Overcoming Interference From Powered Air Systems

CavCom’s Talk Through Your Ears® and Phantom™ headset options are ideal for communicating while wearing a powered/supplied air system such as a PAPR. The comfortable, lightweight products have dual-ear speakers for clear reception and transmission without PAPR blower interference. CavCom has solutions that connect with all two-way radios are available in multiple earset options, including custom fit.


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Phantom™ Headset
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