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Improve Productivity and Communication
While Social Distancing

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Companies are facing workplace challenges like never before

To keep up the pace, workers may find themselves compromising their safety and productivity to communicate with team members: moving closer, shouting, or removing PPE and masks. Under the very best conditions, speaking effectively at a distance of 6 feet is difficult. Add loud background noise, and even shouting can’t overcome the challenge. 

At CavCom, we know that bringing communication "to the ear" reduces down time, prevents errors, and decreases time spent traversing a large workspace. First, two-way radios bridge the distance required when workers cannot be in close physical proximity. Second, to overcome background noise, hearing protection earsets with noise-cancelling or in-ear microphones help maximize speech clarity.

RadioGear® Technology

If high noise is a product of your work enviornment, hearing your radio can be nearly impossible, until now.  RadioGear® earsets feature durable, high-quality receivers and high NRR hearing protection.  When paired with one of our noise-cancelling speaker mics, users will clearly hear every word.

RadioGear® Features:

  • NRR: 25/29/32
  • Binaural (both ears)
  • Volume Limited (to reduce loud radio outputs)
  • Multiple earset styles to choose from

Echo™ Lapel Mic + RadioGear® Earsets

Combine RadioGear® earsets with our lightweight Echo™ noise-cancelling mic to create a small, durable communication solution that will aid communication in all levels of noise.  This unbeatable combination provides clear and reliable communication in a variety of work settings.

Alpha™ Speaker Mic + RadioGear® Earsets

When pairing RadioGear® radio monitoring earsets with CavCom’s Alpha™ noise-cancelling lapel speaker mic, you can communicate clearly and effectively, regardless of background noise levels. Alpha™ features superior noise-cancelling capabilities and user-friendly features, making it ideal for daily use in nearly all high noise, industrial and public safety applications.


Phantom™ Lightweight Headset

CavCom’s Phantom™ headset combines superior hearing protection earpieces with the clarity and convenience of a noise-cancelling boom microphone. Compatible with most two-way radios, hard-hat friendly and versatile with options for all noise levels. The Phantom™ headset allows you to communicate comfortably and clearly.

Two-Way Radio Solutions

CavCom offers a variety of radios perfect for industrial applications. From basic analog to feature-rich digital, CavCom’s radio lines can enhance team communication, regardless of budget.


Learn more about CavCom‘s communication and hearing protection solutions

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