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Cell Phone Accessories

Turn your cell phone into a high noise communication tool.

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CellEarz™ Lightweight Earset  

Cell phones aren’t designed for high noise communication, that’s why we offer CellEarz™ from CavCom. This revolutionary solution upgrades the functionality of your cell phone with custom or universal CellEarz™ earsets specifically designed for protection and binaural listening and a high-performing inline mic for clear communication even in extreme-noise environments.


Hearing Protection

Noise reduction rating (NRR) up to 29



Multiple earset options including custom-fit and universal styles


Clear, Crisp Audio

Superior audio clarity for cell phone audio in any environment


Phantom™ Headset for Android

  • Compatible with most Android cell phones
  • Multiple earset options including custom fit
  • Hearing Protection options (NRR up to 32)
  • Flexible noise-cancelling boom microphone
  • Weighs less than 6 oz

Classic™ Headset with Bluetooth

Ideal for high noise environments where communicating clearly is critical. CavCom’s Classic™ heavy duty headset offers superior hearing protection with comfortable gel earseals and clear voice transmission from a top-of-the-line noise-cancelling boom microphone. Low-profile headband is hard-hat compatible. Bluetooth option allows wireless connection to cell phones and other BT-enabled devices, with or without cable connection to a traditional two-way radio.


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