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Control Noise In Comfort

CavCom Earmuffs

Experience excellent protection and superior comfort with CavCom’s complete line of premium earmuffs. Available in heavy duty, cap mount, behind the head and more, the durable foam cushions provide extended-wear and comfort. Quality design offers consistent overall noise reduction while adjustable headband ensures a universal fit. Rugged construction withstands even the toughest environments.

EarzON® Custom Hearing Protection

Improve comfort, compliance and ROI with EarzON® from CavCom, made in USA. Our long-lasting, custom-fit hearing protection products elevate buy-in and correct usage while eliminating the waste and cost of disposable earplugs. Go green and save green. Each one-time ear impression can be used again and again to create CavCom’s custom hearing protection products. To learn more about how EarzON® custom hearing protectors can benefit your hearing conservation program, request CavCom‘s Return on Investment Calculator.


Foam Earplugs-Basics Made Better

Made in the USA, CavCom’s disposable foam earplugs feature soft, slow-recovery foam for extreme comfort and outstanding noise reduction. Simple to roll down and insert, our earplugs expand slowly delivering a low-pressure fit to nearly any size earcanal. Choose bell- or wing-shaped for consistent protection and easy removal. Corded, uncorded, and metal-detectable options are available. Conveniently packaged in individual polybags or sturdy dispenser stations.

Learn more about CavCom‘s communication and hearing protection solutions

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