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Protect your hearing and hear your radio in any level of noise.

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Hear Your Radio In High Noise

RadioGear® Technology

No matter where you work, if high noise is a product of your environment, hearing your radio clearly can be nearly impossible, until now. RadioGear® earsets feature durable, hiqh-quality speakers embedded into each lightweight earpiece. Users clearly hear every word, while experiencing high NRR hearing protection.


Superior Hearing Protection

NRR up to 32


Dual Ear

Receive audio to both ears for superior clarity


Volume Limited Output

Controls the volume level at the ear to reduce exposure


Take Your Pick For The Perfect Fit

Choose from four unique styles of RadioGear® earsets, made in USA: Custom Fit Acrylic; Custom Fit Silicone; Universal Fit Regular and Universal Fit Low-Profile. Each one is designed for maximum noise reduction and all-day comfort even in the toughest environments. Whether you’re in and out of noise all day or require double hearing protection, there’s a RadioGear® earset that’s ideal for you.

Intrinsically Safe Solutions

CavCom is committed to improving your ability to communicate, even in hazardous environments. To learn more about our intrinsically safe RadioGear® earsets, contact us today.



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