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Talk Through Your Ears®

Our revolutionary technology for
high noise & respirator environments.

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Empower Your Team With Proven Equipment

Talk Through Your Ears® Technology

Designed for the world's most challenging environments, Talk Through Your Ears® is your answer to clear radio transmissions. Uniquely engineered earpieces combine in-ear microphone and speakers with superior hearing protection for seamless voice communication, regardless of noise or PPE. The rugged control unit is lightweight while delivering heavy-duty performance.


Respirator Communications

Clear radio transmissions while wearing any respirator


High Noise Communications

Clear radio transmissions while in extreme high noise


Superior Hearing Protection

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of up to 32

Choose Your Fit

CavCom’s Talk Through Your Ears® earpieces provide all-day comfort and maximum durability, remaining securely in place even during rigorous physical activity. Choose from four unique styles of earsets, made in USA: Custom Fit Acrylic; Custom Fit Silicone; Universal Fit Regular and Universal Fit Low-Profile.


Superior Technology. Smart Features.

  • Choose push-to-talk or VOX/hands-free-on-demand.
  • Easily change gear, works independently of your respirator and suit.
  • Monitor your own voice with side tone.
  • Control unit features removable 360-degree rotating clothing clip.
  • Intrinsically safe option available.

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