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Conduct plant tours and trainings
where every word is heard.

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Improve Group Engagement & Safety

TourEarz™ Technology

Designed specifically for industrial plant tours and trainings, TourEarz™ makes loud noise a non-issue. TourEarz™ delivers exceptional communication clarity with a system that’s reliable, simple-to-use and protects against environmental noise. Phantom™ headsets and RadioGear® monitoring earsets ensure comfort for both guide and attendees while keeping groups engaged by clearly relaying every crucial word.


Robust Audio Clarity

Regardless of noise level all group attendees and leader receive clear audio



Compact design ideal for comfortable and effective tours and training


Privatized Radio Communication

Set up private groups on two-way radios to reduce distractions to facility operations

Be Heard Above The Noise

TourEarz™ System

  • Phantom lightweight headset for tour guide
  • RadioGear® radio monitoring earsets for 5 tour attendees
    (add-on packages available for larger groups)
  • 6 programmable two-way radios
  • Heavy duty portable storage case includes internal charging stations for each radio
  • Superior hearing protection, NRR up to 32
  • Ultra-soft disposable foam eartips-3 sizes included
  • Compatible with most PPE



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