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Hytera Radios

Portable and mobile radio solutions from a global leader.

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Partnering For Your Optimal Performance

CavCom and Hytera

CavCom partners with Hytera to offer the most durable, cutting-edge radios in the industry at an affordable price. Hytera meets CavCom’s high standards for consistent, clear radio communications that keep operations running smoothly. Ask a CavCom representative to help you select the best radios and accessories to meet the needs of your workforce and your environment.


Connect & Protect Your Workforce Like Never Before:

Top 5 Ways two-way radios can change your work communications

  1. Transmit messages with optimal clarity
  2. Call individual radios for private conversations
  3. Reach all radios with the press of one button
  4. Eliminate dead zones
  5. Reduce radio interference from outside sources

Keep Your Mobile Workforce Connected

For clear, reliable and secure communication, Hytera’s mobile radios keep your workforce in motion while remaining fully connected to work centers. Mounted in trucks, forklifts or office base stations, the user-friendly designs make them easy to operate and cutting-edge technology ensures messages are sent and received.

From entry-level radios to complete systems, CavCom has you covered

BD502 Series
BD5i Series
PD5 Series
PD5i Series
PD6 Series
PD6i Series

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