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Comfort & Reliability In A Range Of Options

Regardless of your application, CavCom’s high-performing lapel speaker mics are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and all-day comfort. From cost-effective choices to noise-cancelling, dust proof/water proof solutions and intrinsically safe options, CavCom offers lapel speaker mics and earset accessories to fit your environmental needs and your operational budget.

Convenient, Clear Audio Transmissions

As an extension of your two-way radio, CavCom’s lapel speaker mics provide a more convenient way to transmit and receive communications. From state-of-the-art noise-cancelling technology to economical workhorse solutions, all of CavCom’s mics offer transmission clarity with push-to-talk ease.


Pairs Seamlessly With RadioGear®

Each CavCom lapel speaker mic solution features an accessory jack for pairing with high-or low-noise radio monitoring earsets, including our complete line of RadioGear® products. Need help deciding what solution is best for you? Just ask.

Echo™ + RadioGear® Communication System

The Echo™ lapel microphone is small and lightweight, but also sturdy and durable for industrial use. When paired with RadioGear® earsets, the Echo™ lapel microphone forms an unbeatable combination, providing clear and reliable communication in a variety of work settings.

We can help you find the right solution for your environment. Applications for this product include:

High Noise Communication
Plant Tour/Training Communication
General Plant Communication

Learn more about CavCom‘s communication and hearing protection solutions

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